Real Talk 20/08/18: Let’s Talk about Real Talk

Since this crazy experiment began, I’ve “rebooted” Desdenada a handful of times. My goal has been to blog every day, and I’ve been toying with different columns to generate daily content. Through it all, Real Talk alone has remained consistent.

That’s probably because it’s the column where I can pretty much talk about anything.

Real Talk will remain home to all my ramblings that don’t fit anywhere else, but I’ll try to narrow it down to a few categories that should be relevant or useful to at least a few readers.

Are You Not Entertained?

Real Talk will be a place for me to share thoughts on entertainment. Books, movies, television, podcasts, video games, you name it. I already dive deep into specific books and video games on the Crossroads podcast, and am bringing back a whole column devoted to gaming, but Real Talk is where I’ll give my take on everything else I’m reading and playing.

I’ve toyed with doing a dedicated movie column, but while I love talking about movies, I rarely have enough to say to fill a whole post. As much as I want to share my take on the Meg (it’s simultaneously better and worse than you think), that’s something that would go better in a segment than a full post.

Since this is an introductory post and I’m almost out of room in this subheading already, I’ll go ahead and list the entertainment I’m currently enjoying and might discuss in later weeks. Besides For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Code of the Extraordinary Mind which I’m reading for Crossroads, I’ve also been reading The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milán and Ray Dalio’s Principles. I’m finally catching up on the second season of Westworld, my favorite show on TV and possibly my favorite of all time, and just started watching The Sinner, which is bizarre, dark, and captivating. I just jumped into the first Assassin’s Creed (the subject of the aforementioned gaming column) but am still sinking most of my gaming time into World of Warcraft and Hearthstone.

If any of that sounds interesting, I’ll almost probably be talking about one of them right here next week!

Working Day and Night

I’ve been thinking of this as the career segment, although most of what I’ll talk about here is stuff that doesn’t currently pay any bills. Sometimes I’ll share insights from my writing and social media marketing jobs, but will focus more on projects like my yet-unpublished novels. It will also be a meta segment where I can talk about my plans for this blog, the Crossroads podcast, and Desdenada in general.

Today we’ll be talking meta stuff. When I came up with columns before, I was looking for ways I could fill seven days of content each week. This time I thought bigger.

Tomorrow’s column, Crossroads, is of course a tie-in to the Crossroads podcast, a whole other project. I’ve created the other five columns (one of which will post two days a week to brings us to daily content) with the idea that each could spin off into its own independent, fully-realized project. Not to say that they will, but I’ve used the idea that they could to refine the ideas.

Real Talk, for example, could become a daily blog, or even a vlog. The Stained Glass Gazette, which will cover the news of each week, could similarly expand to a daily column or podcast. Later this week I’ll launch a column about creating a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, which may or may not culminate with a show in which I play through the campaign with some friends.

Again, none of this is certain, but the possibilities are exciting!

Now It’s Personal

Finally, I reserve some space for the original function of a blog: a personal journal that you share with strangers on the internet for some reason. I don’t think my life is that interesting, so I’ll take care to focus on things that have some value or takeaway. For example, how I apply or, more likely, fail to apply principles like mindfulness or stoicism in my day-to-day life. That way you can learn from my triumphs and failures.

This week I’ve mostly been thinking about what I’ve already discussed in this post: rebooting the blog side of Desdenada. At the risk of being redundant, I’ll reflect a little more on the new columns.

While Desdenada is still decidedly a hobby, it is something that shapes my whole life. It takes about an hour to write each post, which average around a thousand words. Some columns, like Real Talk, I can just fill with whatever’s on my mind, but others require an hour or more of researching or outlining. This hobby amounts to the time commitment of a part-time job, so my choice of columns has a surprisingly large impact on what I spend my life doing, reading, and thinking about.

We are what we repeatedly do. Be mindful of what you devote your time and energy to. Even if you go into a temporary project to achieve some unrelated goal, the time spent on that project will shape who you are and how you think.

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